The Bible Timeline

The Great Adventure: A Journey through the Bible Returns!

Have you have ever wanted to read the Bible, but did not know where or how to begin, then The Bible Timeline Parish Study is for you.

The Bible Timeline makes reading the Bible not only easy, but exciting. In this study, you will learn the major people, places, events and themes of the Bible— getting the “big picture” of salvation history. Perhaps for the first time in your life, you will understand the overview of the Bible story. This then makes your Bible reading and even the Sunday Mass readings come alive like never before.

Many Catholics are not familiar with the Bible, and getting started can be adaunting project. Unfortunately, one of the greatest stumbling blocks to reading the Bible is the Bible itself…it was not assembled with the modern reader in mind. We are used to starting a book at the beginning and reading through to the end. Events in the story tend to follow each other in a linear fashion and build on each other. But the Bible is not like that.

The Bible is comprised of seventy-three books, grouped together by literarystyle…history, poetry, wisdom or prophecy. This made sense to the Jewish scholars who arranged them, but then they knew the story. Modern Catholics do not always enjoy this luxury. We have heard the Scriptures proclaimed all our lives at Mass, but always in small pieces. We’re missing the big picture with all of the pieces framed inside.

Our study will concentrate on fourteen books in the Bible, twelve books in the Old Testament and two in the New Testament. These fourteen books will have a rough sequential knowledge of the history of the people of Israel and the beginnings of the Christian Church. The Bible tells us more than just a piece of human history. It’s salvation history: the history of God’s relationship and dealings with creation and mankind.

Course Outline

 Early World and Patriarchs – Genesis  Egypt and Exodus  Desert Wanderings – Numbers  Conquest and Judges – Joshua and Judges  Royal Kingdom – 1 & 2 Samuel  Divided Kingdom – 1 & 2 Kings  Exile – 2 Kings  Return – Ezra and Nehemiah  Maccabean Revolt – 1 Maccabees  Messianic Fulfillment- The Gospel of Luke  The Church – Acts of the Apostles

Our format will consist of a weekly reading at home, answering workbook questions, class discussion of the questions and viewing a DVD, presented by Jeff Cavins. Jeff is a noted Catholic instructor, who will provide that week’s study assignment in more detail with an easy to understand approach.

The Bible is not just any story—it is your story. Discover how to read it. Discover God’s plan for your life as you discover his amazing story in The Bible Timeline.

Join us and learn the major people, places, events and themes of the Bible.

The Bible Timeline study will be offered at Ave Maria Catholic Parish, 9056 East Parker Road, Parker, Colorado. Our first class begins on Monday evening, August 27 from 6:30 to 8:30 in the St. Dominic’s classroom. Our course of study will continue for twenty-four weeks and end on March 4, 2014. The cost is $50.00 and covers the binder, workbook and all materials. Payment to be made at the first class.

To learn more, call or e-mail Peter Maggio at 303-646-6270.

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