From Our Pastor

Greetings in Christ. Fr. GusI wish to bring you to Christ.
I wish to have you come to know, love and serve Christ.I wish to have you make Heaven your final destination. I wish to make it there myself, one day see you there too, and spend eternity together in the Presence of our loving Lord.These wishes come from my heart and soul. They reflect a deep desire not only personally to be holy, but to have holiness pervade and transform your life and our world.In the Catholic tradition, Jesus Christ is central to who we are and what we do. In my desire to bring you to Christ, I am entrusted with the pastoral care of Ave Maria Parish. This means that with the staff of this parish and its ministries and outreach, I am to see to it that Christ is here. He is here in the presence of the baptized. He is here in the Sacraments. He is here in our studies of Sacred Scripture. He is here in our Catholic school and Catechetical programs. He is here in all our ministries and various forms of outreach to the greater community, area, and world. We come to this parish to encounter Him in all these ways, to be fed, nourished, and inspired, and then, sent to bring Christ to the world. The parish is not just the tiny island of land that the church and school sit on–it is all Catholics living in the Parker area. Our parish strives to be a welcoming presence of Christ. We also strive to live out our faith in real and meaningful ways as disciples of the Lord entrusted with many gifts and noble tasks to share.

I invite you to come home to Christ in this parish. Pray. Become involved in some way, however great or small, in caring for others. Our parish structures can help you give what you need to give so that others may live, and to receive what you need in order to be nourished. Be generous with the gifts that have been entrusted to you to give, share and develop. We are not called to anything less by our great God.

May God pour out His abundant blessings upon you!

Fr. Gus Stewart

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