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Welcome to Ave Maria Catholic Parish

Our School

serves students in preschool through eighth grade providing a Core Knowledge curriculum with certified faculty and staff.


are an integral part of our faith as Catholics.  Join us to celebrate the Sacraments with the Ave Maria Catholic Parish community.

Faith Formation

classes are offered to students preschool to adulthood to enrich one’s spiritual life and knowledge of the faith.


allow parishioners to engage in their faith through service, fellowship, instructional, and liturgical opportunities.


Mass Times

Weekend:  Saturday | 5PM

Sunday | 7:30AM | 9:30AM | 11:30AM | 5PM

Weekday | 9AM (Mon-Fri)


If you, or a family member wish to receive the Eucharist, please call the Parish Office at 303-841-3750.

 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

The chapel is available for adoration 24 hours a day except when funerals, weddings or other Masses are scheduled. Contact Ernie Rodriguez in the Parish Office at 303-841-3750 to obtain a code to enter the church after hours.

News and Upcoming Events:

DIVINE MERCY in the Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Join Seminarian Matthew Kane to watch Fr. Michael Gaitley’s series on Pope John Paul II and Divine Mercy.  The viewing will be one evening per week for five weeks and we will cover two episodes (averaging around 30 minutes) on each night. Please join us in Dwyer Hall... read more

Parish Mission

Our parish mission begins Sunday May1st and continues thru May 5th – every evening starting at 6:30pm. Please see attached brochure for more information.... read more